Random Thoughts – Stay Humble and Be Kind

I often have fleeting thoughts, as do most people. But there are a few, that I consciously make sure are reoccurring so that I never forget about them. A couple of such thoughts are “be humble” and “be kind”. I’m sure most people always heard, “do unto others as you would have done unto you” or some variation of this and I think that it is a very important thing to remember, always.

There is enough anger and hatred in the world as well as a lack of care for the fellow man. Too many people hate others for their skin color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, school that they attend, or any number of other reasons. Why should any of us add to that number? Why would we, as human beings, as part of the same species, as naturally caring animals, not want to help one another or make the world a better place? Some people need incentive to be motivated. If you are of this type, be motivated by the fact that you can make a difference in someone else’s life, simply by noticing them when they are having trouble doing something or sitting alone in a crowded place. Know that you can help a homeless person by offering food or water, or by sparing a dollar or two that you were probably going to use for a cheeseburger or a soda. Even if that small donation doesn’t really help that person out because they don’t really need that burger to survive, they are still more than likely worse-off than you are.

Be kind to the person at the supermarket, ringing up your groceries. Be kind to the person bringing you your food at the restaurant and tip them well, if they’ve earned it (I always tip at least 15% for decent service). In my experience if you are kind and courteous to those who make your food or serve it to you, provide you with a service, or sell you a product, it pays off; especially if it is a place that you will frequent for that product or service. I have had many times where I’d get that extra side or extra chicken tender with my order, free of charge, or at least my meal without any mistakes, just because I was nice to the person taking my order or making my food at a restaurant. I’ve also had instances where I was able to get a discount or a special promotion thrown in with a purchase because I related with and was kind to a salesperson from whom I was buying a certain product You never know who will be willing to pay-it-forward from seeing you do something nice for someone or for having you do something nice for them.

Now I know that everyone reading this blog will be from all different walks of life; but one thing is certain, each of you has a smartphone, computer, or some piece of technology that allows you to open this blog and read. That being said, always remember to stay humble. Think about how many people in this world cannot imagine having the opportunity to use, let alone own, a computer or smartphone of their own. How many people can’t imagine even having clean water or enough food or medicine to survive.

Life is tough, even for those of us who were lucky enough to have been born as Americans with families who, or ways for us to, provide and make a living. We get so down and tied up in our own lives and problems that we forget just how good we have it and that even though our problems are very real, they pale in comparison to starving or dying of dehydration. The point is, it is a good practice to always remind yourself how lucky you are to not have to worry about if you’ll eat or not or if you will get sick from taking a drink of water. Always try to think, no matter how hard your life gets, that there are always those who have it so much worse. I’m not saying to think about this to make yourself feel like shit for worrying about your problems compared to those of others. The point of remembering this is to remind yourself that you are no different from and no better than those who are struggling to survive. We are all human beings and are all equal, regardless of gender, color, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, or any other attribute or classification. Staying humble will keep you grounded; keep you from acting arrogant or saying anything that makes your family, friends, or coworkers feel like your are full of yourself. No one likes someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else.

Stay grounded. Stay humble. Be kind.



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