Last night’s Blue Apron meal was Chicken Tarkari; spiced with salt, pepper, cumin, and turmeric. This dish was served with garlic-spinach rice and spiced tomato sauce. I think this one was one of my favorites as it was very similar to some Indian dishes I’ve had before and I absolutely love cumin, turmeric, and other Indian spices; especially the ones that pack the heat!

First, 2 cloves of fresh, chopped garlic were put into a pot with some olive oil; followed by the basmati rice, a big pinch of salt, and water. While the rice steamed, spinach was cooked in olive oil with salt and pepper until wilted, then drained and finely chopped.

As the rice continued to steam, the chicken was seasoned with salt and pepper, then dusted with the spice blend on both sides and cooked in a frying pan, loosely covered with aluminum foil. I had never cooked anything this way before, with the foil on top, but it almost steamed the chicken while it was frying in the pan at the same time and created a juicy, very flavorful piece of meat. The chicken was then set aside to rest.

In the same pan with the chicken fond, tomato sauce was added, along with more of the Tarkari spice blend, garlic, ginger, salt, and pepper. The sauce was boiled until reduced and thickened, then crème fraîche was added and stirred until combined. When the rice was finished, salt and pepper was added, along with the spinach and stirred well, then fluffed with a fork.

The final result:


As you can tell from the chicken, I need to sharpen my knife (*facepalm*), which is something I hardly ever forget. But regardless of how it looks, the chicken turned out flavorful and delicious and was well accompanied by the tasty rice and semi-sweet and savory tomato sauce. This one was right up my alley.




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