New Ink!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post a quick update with my new tattoo! It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing. We went up to the western part of the state to see my in-laws for the weekend a couple of weeks ago and Albert Martinez just happened to be working at Ace of Spades Tattoo and Piercing in Asheville, NC. Albert has been travelling around, living the life, and tattooing at different shops around the country. He’s known for his amazing shading and line work, and I told him what ideas I’ve had floating around in my head and sketched up a custom design “blueprint” and then put it on my left forearm.

The tattoo is a Celtic tree of life, which has much meaning in Celtic culture and history, with a Trinity Knot being the base of the roots. There is so much detail in this tattoo (that unfortunately may not show yet in these pictures as it is still healing) in the trunk and limbs; it twists and turns with time as this tree is old and has withstood the test of time and continues thriving.


I looked at the above “blueprint” and thought it looked great, but I was worried that it was a little too generic. I don’t want a tattoo that is a fad or that other people have. But I know Albert and I trust him when he says it will look amazing and so much better than the sketch shows.



I’d say he was right 🙂

After the redness of my skin fades from the starburst effect around the trunk and the lines heal of the scabbing etc. it will be amazing.

Luck and life to all!



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